St. Valentine's Day Skirt

Yesterday, was a day where my sewing got a little out of control. I have so many things in mind that I kept starting things. I am ALMOST finished with Miriam's baptismal outfit (it fits!) I just have to sew on a button. But several other things need seams ripped, sleeves found, elastic put in etc. 

Really, I'm kind of a lousy project completer sometimes. 

But in my creativity and cleaning I noticed this heart fabric that I haven't ever don't anything with.  I think technically it is napkin material.  I snagged it at goodwill several years ago.  Since it is napkins it's all hemmed nicely, I didn't even have to cut a thing. I just sewed the napkins together and then I hemmed it making a big tunnel for the elastic (yup tunnel is a technical term!)

 So in less than and hour-possibly less than 45 minutes  and $2.99 later. I whipped up this adorable toddler Valentine's Day skirt.

Or is it a love skirt?
Or a heart skirt?
If I were selling it on etsy it would be called a "lovely" skirt.

Oh, little girl skirts are so easy.
God bless people without hips!


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