House tour for parents 3

It is time for my own messy house tour!  I am tempted to make excuses, but I gotta tell myself that this isn't about excuses because that implies it isn't okay- and being alive isn't always about cleaning up! I am slowly getting more and more to my new years resolution of  letting go of the guilt and embracing the mess of life.

Is it called a dining room table if your DR and kitchen are the same? Anyway here is art, breakfast, tea party all in various stages of disarray.

Yup. LR in all her glory. Wipes having been pulled out 1 by 1. Clothes, wet towel, jeans. and various trash.

Hmm. How many things on this counter should be in the fridge?  WHich reminds me, I'm hungry.

Oh cloth diapers.   You save me money. You are a pain in the arse.  Though in laundry land our pile isn't too big because it's scattered all over the house! Yay!

Bathroom, strangely the cleanest room in the house.  

Yup, the mess even bleeds onto our list of meals and groceries.  

Kidland. Kidlandia- is in a constant state of disarray. I would say this is good.
I didn't even get to the upstairs. Our sleeping locations are all wierd- Junia in our room on the floor (with a mattress that prevents our door from shutting. Miriam sometimes in her crib sometimes in our bed...we sometimes send one of us downstairs to sleep better in the guest room. Yup, we are pretty much everywhere So the upstairs is a trainwreck.

Let me know if you want to guest blog and do your own house tour!! Or send me your pictures!


  1. I am definitely still learning to let the mess go and just be with my kids...or my partner...or myself. It's almost painful for me though.....working against all the deeply ingrained FOO ways of being. Do you pick it all up at night once they go to bed? Have you noticed a difference in your relationships as you have been able to change your focus?

    Thanks for posting these Rachel!

  2. I find it painful too. If things are too messy I go crazy. And when it is neat I find myself more peaceful than otherwise. For me though, I am trying to find the grey. Let thins be a bit messy and be present and then do clean up when it needs it. I just have a hard time figuring out when It needs it or when I need to let go of it.

    We usually pick up a bit once they go to bed but often I do a frantic pick up during bath. I actually find that on days I go to my paid work (my easy job) that I let go of it better than when I am with them...weird I know. Relationship wise- Iv'e gotten better at not micro-managing my partner. I decided that if I want him to help I don't get to decide how he does even though I prefer the way I clean the kitchen- I have to let him do it his way and not "fix" it. That is super hard for me but again, I'm growing.


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