Baptism garb

I'm making Miriam's baptismal garments.  Or I am trying.  Though I am nearly done I am starting to think that the pants won't fit over her thighs and could be tight in the arms.  On the other hand I might have made the waist on her pants large enough for a 6th grader. Though larger is easier to fix than too small.

We might have to throw in the towel and go to old navy and get a white dress for the little one.
We will see.

So here is what I like about it.

1. The material is from an aiden and anis swaddle blanket.  The concept of the blanket that swaddled her as an infant being symbolic of God covering her- I think has a nice symbolism too it.

2. It's cheap. We had the blanket around, I had some lace in my sewing things.

3. We would have just used Junia's baptismal clothes- except that Junia at 9 months was easily fitting into 3 month old clothing- albeit she was a bit long.  Miriam our 9 month old is wearing 18-24 month clothes.  Yup, we've got the opposite end of the spectrum. So she needed something that was hers.

4. Finally, if it doesn't work we will see if I  can some up with something else.  I do have another stash of fabric that could work well!

She is being Baptized next weekend at 9:30am at St. Mary's in Seattle if you want to join us!


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