Lent with kids?

What are you doing (or not doing) for lent?

I am doing something personally, but wow, Lent has always been a harder one for me theologically and now it is harder. This year, though we have talked about how Jesus died. From Junia's questions about the statues at church and the cross we have talked a LOT about how  Jesus died.  Our narrative mostly goes like this:

 "he reminded people that they have to love everyone. Even those who hurt you or make you mad. When people heard him and he kept saying that they got mad at him. And He died."

I'm not sure of this explanation. It is fairly simplistic and makes love feel pretty crappy. I also really don't know how much of it gets in.

Inspired by Ben and Adele's planting of grass seed last year we are talking, at dinner,  about all the kind and loving things that we do each day. Each loving thing merits planting one seed. We are using lentil seed because we have them on the shelf! Maybe then we will plant them in the garden!  And besides they are called LENTils!

I think the imagery of life growing in this wintertime, that life grows from love the activity of doing something is rich!

Do you have ways of practicing lent with kids?
Any rituals?
How do you explain Jesus' death?


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