Children's books for Liberal Christians 3

I love this book!  We found it at a library book sale and scored it for 25 cents. Whoo hoo!

It is The Dreamer  by Cynthia Rylant and illustrated by Barry Moser.
Here is the rest of the info: The Blue Sky Press, New York. 1993.
Here it is on

The jist:

This book is essentially a creation story. The Artist, as God is called, is creative and makes stars, trees, water, animals, and people.  It follows the same pattern as the creation poem in Genesis 1, but is not explicitly following that creation story.  People are all made and are also artists and the world fills up with them. At the end the people call the artist "God."

The Good:
I love the creativity of God.
God is an active creator
Human have free will/agency
I like that it is a creation myth.
I love the pictures. They are beautiful and simple. The colors are great!
This has a lovely rythm, pace etc.
Changing the pronouns to feminine ones really makes the God in this come alive in a new way (for me atleast!)

The Bad:
All of the language is He.
I couldn't stand it so I changed a bunch of the words.
I switched ownership words like "his children" to "beloved children"
There is no part of this story that has God acting in the world in here and now. It is a theology of who God is and how God has acted in the past- creatively.


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