I love my kids.

I am totally a kid-venter.  I have seriously thought about doing a round of stand-up comedy about parenthood.

Today has been a tough one. A lot of pulling, grabbing, crying and whining.  Not even to mention the kiddos!  (of course I'm joking)  But at the end of the day I adore these kids, they are amazing.  So here is my list of things that make me love them: Junia and Miriam. and love this: parenthood.

  • I am challenged
No one starts there day saying, "I want things to be total crap so that I am challenged to be a better person." But that is totally what parenthood is. You give up. You grow. You get pushed and pulled. And I think when you do it well you grow from it.  At the end of the day I think these kids make me a better person.

  • My children love me and my flaws.
These kids see the best of me and the worst of me.  But at the end of so many days Junia rubs my arm and says, "you are the best Mama."  (now I doubt that but) I love that she thinks that. 

  • Joy is everywhere
I am totally over the joy of jumping on a bed. It doesn't do it for me.  Running in circles- doesn't do it for me either.  But for these little people being alive is such joy. Spinning in circles. Laughing. Joy is right there!

  • Creativity is the default
Play. Play. Play.  This banana will now be a phone. This phone will now be a dolly. This tissue will become a blanket. This hulu skirt will be hair.  Everything is a source of creativity and play! It is amazing.
  • They are more open than I am.
Despite my attempts to reshape my image of God or to use gender neutral concepts of family I still default to certain attitudes. But these people use She for God's pronoun.  Junia was playing pretend and she told me her woman partner was at work- her world is large. It is beautiful.
  • Love is all around.
I love these people for who they are unfolding to be. I love my Dad differently as I talk about him. I love Sean uniquely as a parent. I love my Mom in a more whole way as "Buddy." Seeing people love madly the people that you love madly.  Sharing stories and family is powerful. Love is complex and wild, love is gift and wonder. Love is wrapped up in these people!


  1. OK, I wrote a really long comment here, but hit something and made it all disappear. I don't have the energy to type it again, but maybe tomorrow .... thanks for writing it though!

    Love you!


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