Hard working...

2 things culminated today.

1. I was inspired by this weekend's path building.  I realized that we can move into our dense overgrown woods and brush. Not just our house.

2. I have been desperately sad this summer that we have now had 2 summers without a garden (last year I planted it and never saw it into fruition).

So during naptime I grabbed the clippers, gloves, shovel and rake and saw and started hacking away.  This is the location of our future garden.

It is CRAZY overgrown with nettles, rhododendrons, something that looks like blackberry leaves and is all prickly but not blackberries, and blackberries- the creeping and Himalayan variety.  It's a bit overwhelming, and crazy CRAZY dense.  

Today I took out a 4x4 area. See it in there?

Here's the amount of brush I had.
Yup. I might be in over my head.


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