Sunday Project: Our little Hike!

So yesterday we built a sandbox. Today we built a hiking path.

Okay, okay, that isn't quite fair. We built a path through our woods.  I am sure some environmentalists might complain that we did it poorly. I don't know. We did it ignorantly. But finally. FINALLY, we can walk through our 1/2 acre of Pacific Northwest woods.  We have just begun! But we are so excited.

At the beginning of this weekend. This was covered in brush.
But I so so so wanted to sit under the base of this tree (below)

This Western Red Cedar is now more accessible!  I feel bonded to her/him. I think we might even name it!

 Here is a dead tree that has remained upright.  Such a great hideout for birds!

Oregon Ash!

Some beautiful and creepy nurse logs and old growth (??) stumps!

It leads from our carport to our patio.  Sure it isn't the shortest route but it is the scenic one! We are in love with our wooded space. Every weekend I think we are falling more and more in love with this space. It is so right for us!


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