Road trips.

Here's a statistic, I don't know how legit it is or not but  97% of parents dread car trips longer than an hour.

My question is what the hell is wrong with 3% of parents?

We drove to Portland on Friday night. It started rough but the girls fell asleep and we did okay.  We drove back yesterday afternoon and planned on the girls napping for an hour or more of the three hour drive.  M napped for 5 minutes.  Seriously.

Traffic was crap.
It was long.
It was hard.

Of course it didn't start so bad. We had some patience. We were going with it.
But by the end she had whined or fussed or cried for probably 2 hours total.

It seriously sucked.
I hate being in the car with Miriam.
She hates being in the car at all even more.

Woe is me.
I'll figure out what there is to learn in all of this sometime. But right now, I'm just avoiding roadtrips. And, BTW, don't comment with your advice. I don't want advice. This is just a lament.  I'm just in a bad mood about the whole thing.


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