24 hours at home

I have to work tomorrow afternoon and evening. Sean, wanting to do something fun this weekend took the girls to Portland.  So here I am, delightfully so, in my own house all by myself for 24 hours what shall I do with myself.

Here are my plans:

Putz around online.
Watch a movie.
Enjoy the fire.
Get some Christmas painting/crafting/sewing done
Make cookies- and eat them.

Take out the yomp (compost)
clean up the carport
Fold some laundry
Go to Grannies.
Buy spraypaint

And...wait for it..wait...ALL BY MYSELF!
Maybe I should just sit and do nothing and contend with the quiet.  Maybe that is what a deep and profound person would do, but I just want to get some stuff done. Enjoy myself and move it on!  I'll let you know how it goes!

Lucky, lucky me.


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