Good day. Sewing. Naps. and...Christmas pants!

There are days with my kids that are a fight with myself.  My desire for control for peace for all of it playing out perfectly doesn't happen; instead I am faced with my anger, my lack of control, and my boredom. I claw out my own eyeballs with the knowledge of my imperfections.  (I discovered this week I am a 1 on the enneagram and suddenly my parenting issues make sense!)

Yesterday had moments bordering on that, but all in all we emerged untroubled.  Today, has been even better.  Miriam and I slept in, we had breakfast together. They played, we played outside for over an hour, we had lunch and now there has been a perfect quiet of naps.  Seriously, naps have not gone this well in ages.  (I am amazed how much better my children sleep when there is near silence.)  During our outside time Miriam sorted nails, screws, bolts etc into bins, Junia played in the woods, and I sanded rust spots off of someone's Christmas bicycle (it's getting a black and pink paint job!).

A friend let me borrow one of her sewing machines as well. So this morning I cut out pieces for everyone's Christmas pajama pants.  Last year Junia's were too small, Miriam's were too big, mine were too frumpy and Sean's were pretty good.  This year seems to be off to a better start! Besides, this year I used a flannel queen sized sheet that I bought at Goodwill last January.  It's so soft and just right for our PJ's. There was enough for Mine, Junia's and Miriam's pants- sorry Sean- you'll be surprised!  It is exciting to be sewing again and doing it on such a nice machine.  I have so many projects that have been waiting for a reliable machine and just before Christmas is the perfect time!

This evening the girls and I are taking the Water Taxi in to Seattle, we are going to catch the light rail and then meet some friends for dinner! It should be a lot of fun.

So that is that. Nothing extraordinary, except that this has been a day that I dream of! Enjoying my kids, laughing with them, playing with them, getting my stuff done, having some alone time...Man . . .if every day were like this :)


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