Back again. . .

Nothing, seriously nothing, makes me quite as anxious as getting on a 6 hour flight with my children.  I am already terrified of what the world thinks of me (I hate to inconvenience strangers) and if you have a child on an airplane people basically hate you by default. Since our girls slept through nearly the entirely of our flight last night I am feeling especially grateful for them and for the universe for sending us such a gift!

Oh yes, so if you didn't know we have been away (again!) for several days.  This time we headed to Philadelphia, Jersey, DC and made some stops in Annapolis, Wilmington and various outposts.   I lived in New England for 4 years and now have lived in the PNW for over 5 without even knowing it I have become a Pacific North-westerner.  My expectations for weather, forests, for social interactions with strangers are all now so very PNW!

We had a seriously lovely time with friends we haven't seen since our wedding!  Adele and Ben and their three little ones welcomed us with such hospitality! It was so great to spend time with them.  They had a baby the same year Sean and I were falling in love- then we parted ways and have stayed in touch via blogs and such but we haven't had a chance to be together since children, houses, marriage and stuff all started sticking.  .  We were able to go deep into parenthood, faith, and marriage in our conversations there, and as always, I was challenged, encouraged, and loved well in our time together. It made me homesick for good friends.

By the grace of God and the universe and of course out of the spirits of my little ones we had a nearly totally peaceful 6 hour flight.  Junia said, "I am going to eat some dinner and then sleep." She did just that and slept for almost the entire flight.  Miriam fell asleep peacefully and woke up 3 hours in for 10 minutes of screaming and then back to sleep.  It was seriously a relief.  There was no trick to it. We were simply lucky.  The only reason I can think it worked so well is it was our 5th flight in 3 weeks. I think they had finally figured out that they could sleep here.  I would not recommend that as a way to get your kids to sleep on planes.

It is so good to be back though. Despite the newly emergent sore throat and the dense Seattle cloud cover this is my home.  I am glad to be back, I am ready for the holidays that are about to gather us all together and I am eager to nest into the fall.


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