Silly Random Kid-ness

Yesterday Junia gave me a picture she had drawn.  "Mama this is you before you had hair." 
"Junia I have had hair my whole life even when I was a baby."
"This is a picture of you when you were in your Mama's abdomen."

Yup. My child drew a picture of my fetal self and gave it to me.

After 2 months or so of saying yes to every question Miriam has started saying "No." I am sad to see this word come into her vocabulary. Except thrillingly, and ever so politely, she says, "No Thank you."

When she started chewing on the paintbrush during a painting session I added to her own good work.  What do you think of a baby goatee.

I am in such a great place of joy around my girls right now. They are a source of ease, laughter, and lightness. Sure it get's tough but right now they are in such pleasant stages and I am savoring it!

Blessed be my little ones!


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