Simplifying: Thrift Store Box

Do you see the box in the picture below?

There it is, nestled securely under our record player right next to the front door.  There is nothing particular bout the box itself.  It was one of our moving boxes and it keeps finding it's place here, under this table.

What is inside this box though, that is magical.  This is our box of thrift-store send offs!  For the past 3 years Sean and I have had a constant bag or box of things to go to the thrift store.  So that as we clean or do laundry or whatever we can say goodbye to things and send them to another place.

We probably fill this box about once every three weeks.  I am convinced it is one of the reasons that our house ever has any semblance of neatness.  And, each time I put something in it and say goodbye, I feel a little bit lighter.


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