Napping and Gratitude.

My fingers are tingling and their is dirt all around my fingernails.
I love it!  Sean and I both have off today (thank you Veterans for the work you do. The lives you lead and lost).  So we just went out to our future garden and dug, pulled, and pulled and pulled roots.  Alas, we probably cleared 6 square feet.  I love working with Sean on this kind of project!

So this leads me to think about gratitude in general.
If you don't know, I am not a naturally grateful person, but some time working with Sean (and now blogging) has me thinking about how grateful I am that Junia still naps!

I don't know a single other child her age who still naps regularly, and these naps we love!  It gives Sean and I a chance to clean up, to make love (yes I just wrote that), to run errands, to work on secret projects like birthdays and Christmas...

I am aware of what a gift this is, and based on Miriam's napping she is likely to not hold onto her nap quite as long as Junia, so I savor this time. Alone time on the weekends in the middle of the day for the grown ups, and a delightful recharge for Junia.

So Junia. Thanks, for such a gift.


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