36 hours of me time.

Sean and the girls will be pulling in the driveway any moment.  I've been spouse and child free for 36 hours.  Just long enough to start asking myself, "what do I want to do." Rather than freaking out and saying, "Oh my God I can do the whole list of things that need to be done and be totally irresponsible..."

So what have I don't with my time? Well, I am German in my heritage which makes me proud of my productivity so here goes:

Well, today I spend 7+ hours at work, the I washed, folded and put away a weeks worth of laundry, I cleaned up the toys and disappeared a few.  I picked up the guestroom, sorted socks, built 2 fires in the wood stove, journaled,   I at some seriously crappy and good food!  Drank a half a bottle of wine (some of you think "that's all!" I know), watched copious amounts of television and Netflix while folding laundry etc.,  I also cleaned up the carport (Sean's one request) and cleaned out the "shack" (our shed).

I did all the things that you might expect of a parent with 36 hours in their own home by themselves.  I am now missing my people.  I have a busy (but short) week ahead of me and I am not going to see Miriam awake for 48 hours.  That makes me crazy sad (in fact, it makes me feel pretty ambivalent about Sean having taken the girls at all).

It is wonderful to feel productive and have things in order for a bit.  I cannot help but wonder if I am becoming a neater person?  Seriously, I wonder now if I were to live by myself or with just Sean if I would be neater than ever.  -Anyone with adult children know???

So that is that. Back to the work week!


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