Graditude on This Thanksgiving!

I like holidays.

It's a chance to dress things up, to do something special.  And really, they are arbitrary. I know that you could celebrate Thanksgiving or Christmas or Easter or whatever "anytime" but would you?  It must be lonely to live in a culture that isn't your own- to have holidays your community doesn't celebrate and to not celebrate what those around you celebrate (oh privilege here you are again).

We, like many Americans will be feasting, however small our party may be!  It will be the 4 of us with Sean's parents too.  They have been to our home many times, and seen it in many states of disarray. So we aren't exactly cleaning floors and doing laundry and washing the front door rug for them, but we are cleaning things up, bringing in firewood, getting out my inherited china. I love it! I love the opportunity to make a day special, make a feast remarkable,  make gratitude a holiday!

So thank you, whoever you are, for being in my life in some direct or indirect sort of way.

Thank you life, for privilege.  I am overwhelmed by how many gifts I have and how arbitrary it is that I have them.  Health, jobs, children, healthy children, partnership, income, health insurance, citizenship, acceptability in terms of race, language, sexual expression, friends, family and so many things I didn't earn.

I am grateful for this little lumberjack.

For this little artist.

And for this beloved adventurer.

Living with me ain't easy, even I know that.  Grateful for it all....

Happy Thanksgiving.


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