I had a wisdom tooth taken out yesterday. It had a cavity in it and needed to go.  I still have 2 others that the dentist says should come out some day---except nothing about having that one out makes me want to do this again.  It took much longer to get out than was anticipated.  It also came out in many segments.  I have had 1 other tooth pulled at I remember thinking how easy it was last time.  That is not the thought I am having this time.

Sean went to work today and I called him around 10:30am to tell him I felt like vomiting and was pretty much ignoring our children and needed back up. He graciously came to my rescue.  Then I took a 5 hour nap.    Either way, it's not as bad as childbirth.

We signed up for a couples retreat through a womens group I am part of. It is part of a larger network of people who live in Seattle who attended Jesuit Colleges and Universities.  I realized too late that this retreat is a marriage retreat- except what I want is a retreat about a topic that I can do with my partner.  I want a retreat about "living Justly in everyday life" that I can do with my partner- since he is my everyday life.  Sean and I are doing awesome as married people, and frankly I don't have any desire to renew my vows. I said them in a particular time and place and have no intention of "re-saying" them. When I said forever I meant it...so um...no. Now I feel like I have to go on this retreat if I want to say what I want/need for future retreats.  Now though it really depends on how I feel tomorrow, because if tomorrow is a repeat of today nothing is happening...

So that is what I got.


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