Poem: The Stuff that Makes parenthood hard.

The stuff that makes parenthood hard

It isn't the dirty diapers.
It is the night when you have no diapers and it is 3am.
And you are yelling at your partner and the baby is screeching.

It isn't getting ready for the holiday feast for the first time and sharing your table...
It is the unspoken expectations of new grandparents and new parents.

It isn't the messy car of cheerios and extra shoes.
It is the hours upon hours of screaming in the car
and the realization that  this trip was a bad idea.

What makes parenthood hard isn't the constant pick up
or the vacuuming or lack of privacy in the shower

It is the moment that you have stolen for yourself
with a cup of coffee only to open the  sugar bowl to discover it has been laced with spare change.


  1. Rachel, you are so creative and accurate!! Love you. Kathy


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