Our Miracle on 15th...

Okay it wasn't a miracle. But bear with me!

Sean and I had a day away from the girls together.  We went on a retreat for about 6 hours.  We knew that the car needed gas beforehand but we wanted to get coffee so decided to wait until after.

So on our way home, which wasn't our usual way home as there were several streets closed, we were driving on 15th.  When we ran out of gas. Seriously, the car died and we were totally out of gas. BUT we were only a half a block away from the gas station and even better we were on a flat street (in Seattle that is an unbelievable gift!) Sean pushed, I steered and just as we reached the incline by the gas station two heros rushed over to help!

They seriously were just pumping gas, saw us, ran over (not walked ran!) and helped us push the car to the gas station. It was so helpful!  It was one of those hilarious moment we were having, and then two people offered us their gifts! Thank you! Thank you!

It's sad that it feels like such a miracle when people help! But it is so lovely when we we are "loved by our neighbors."


  1. Ha, I love it! I went shopping at Costco with all the kids for the first time, and it restored my faith in humanity. Apparently, if you have one slightly cranky child strapped to your chest and two in the cart, EVERYONE wants to help you. I was assisted at every step by so much kindness - people handed me green beans AND snap peas that expired later from the bottom, picked up the potatoes that fell out in the parking lot, and even watched the boys while I went to the bathroom alone. Every package I was lifting prompted offers of help. Amazing!

  2. I know right! It's the simple things! The simple things!


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