Why I actually like St. Valentine's Day

This was our first picture together.
I have realized that I really actually like Valentine's Day.  2 years ago or so I would have said, "It's another Hall$*&k bullshit day..." and it might be for many.   I like it because it feels like the one day that is just for Sean and I.  It is just us and our love whether that is romantic, solid, exciting, reliable, sore, in a rough patch or whatever. . . It's ours.  All other holidays I have to share.  Christmas/Thanksgiving/Easter etc. are all with the whole family, Our Birthdays inevitably have our parents wrapped up in some kind of celebration, our anniversary even is not about our love it is about our commitment.  That is meaningful, but when we got married we shared it with 75 other people...so in fact, our anniversary is not just ours as well.

But Valentine's Day, even though it is not a holiday invented just for us.  Is just shared with one another.  We have our own little traditions (poetry) and probably someday when we don't have little ones will go out on Valentine's Day...and something of just having a day that is intended to honor romantic sensual and sexual love is beautiful!  I'm game.


  1. Ahhhhh. I LOVE the one of you two at the beach!

  2. Thanks Patti! We had only been dating like 6 months or so at that point...I recall that trip particularly I had sprained my ankle and was hobbling along (in Acadia National park in Maine no less) and was surprised that Sean still loved me...


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