Upon a Saturday...

Miriam was up almost all night. The poor little bugger is sick and kept us up for much of the night.

 Then this morning we hauled off to Granny's Thrift Store which was fun! In fact, in the midst of a kind of lousy day it was our highlight...We got this delightful pile of goodies plus an additional pair of shoes and 2 filing cabinets for under $20.  For inquiring minds, the filing cabinets are future raised beds for $2.50 a pop I couldn't turn away such a cheap deal...I imagine I'll be returning for a couple more...

Otherwise we have been all kind of under the weather. Junia and I have been sick since Tuesday but just kinda lousy while Sean and Miriam seem to be having a bad day here and a good day and then another.  It's just lousy. 

It's like we are just sitting in the muck.

With our feet all stuck in the muck...

Feeling lousy.

Wanting to walk away from all these germs...
Ah well...little by little.  In fact, tonight's homemade pasta should be a treat.


  1. I'm sorry you are all sick! Mike and I are sick, too, but luckily Piper doesn't have it yet. Just bad eczema on her face, poor kid. Miriam looks so big! I love her haircut. Can't wait to get back to a land with thrift shops. xo

  2. So glad Piper hasn't got it...but then again that means she isn't slowed down...nor grumpy either I guess. . . thrift shops and estate sales!


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