Snowy day.

It's snowy in Seattle (and on Vashon Island) so despite everyone else in this country being tired of the cold and snow it is a lovely winter scene to wake up to and to play in.  I was supposed to work today and facilitate a couple of groups.  In the spirit of letting people enjoy what is fleeting (esp. since so many people in my group are from California) I canceled. (It happens to also be the spirit of Seattle-ites freaking out anytime it is cold and precipitating...)

This snow actually marks a new stage in our family as well.  For the first time since.  . . 2008. . . I guess. . .we played in the snow and no one cried.  I repeat no one cried!!!  In fact, it wasn't until the end the butt-cheek numbness and child whiny-ness really set in.

Our apple trees look lovely in the snow. . . despite the giant pile of brush behind.

A couple of kiddos watching their Papa breeze down our new sledding hill!

And, oh yes, I was sledding too! The last two times it has been snowy around here I have been pregnant and wasn't too interested in sitting on a sled. So it was fun to conquer the hill as well!


  1. Yes it is---it is actually a grass/dirt road that goes down the hill next to our isn't used to it's perfect!


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