Garden Update.

Well, I did it! I freaking built a raised bed.
With only half as many bolts as a I needed I did it!  I know that a lot of you readers who know me personally would be like, "Duh of course you did." But when we actually purchased the lumber I kept thinking, "Oh my, now I really have to do this..." It is one thing to dream about building things it is a whole other to actually do it.

I only made 1 and it took me about an hour.   It is a tad bit wonky (aka not all the angles are perfect right angles) but 8 boards and 4 posts are all attached in a rectangular fashion....

Other gardening notes:

I planted the pea starts in the ground today and am thinking about planting another round of them.
Tomatoes are up but still have little embryonic leaves.
I am trying WallaWalla onions for the first time this year- they are up.
There is 6" of water still in the garden. One of these days I need to just give myself to the mud and go dig a honking big trench.
Friday some guys is supposed to come and chop up the brush for us. Phew.
I have pondered some seed potatoes (we've got some softies in the cupboard).
Oh, and the raspberries that we had in Columbia city, hauled to our old house and then the same plants that sat in buckets for most of last summer seem to have actually survived the winter. So we might someday have an actual raspberry patch.

So this is where my extra brain energy is going.


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