When you love someone with the same career...

Us from seminary days.
There is a joke in seminary's that is simply, "Don't fall in love with your classmates." (this is even more true with half are celibate Jesuits)  Mostly this comes from the reality that financially and logistically loving another minister is a complicated dance....nonetheless, Sean and I have been working on a partnership with our respective ministries. On one hand, it is very exciting to be working together, sharing a common vision, and engaging in similar goals etc. On the other hand, we are both highly critical people and were both really nervous to present ideas to a group in front of one another....

Here is what I learned.

1.  I love the way he teaches, I love how he presents material. I could listen to him give a speech like once a week and still enjoy it.

2. I love the way that he moves his body when he presents.  His hands are intentional. He is human in this collected, earnest and at moments a bit silly.  I so enjoy seeing him be his "poised' professional self."

3. He makes me a better minister.  He is one of these presenters who always includes the voices of people around him. He would rather have the group reach a consensus than impose an idea.  This is not my natural style but having to work with him in it is important for me to grow and learn how to do better.

4.  Most of all, we can all this project a sucess. There have been mishaps here and there with any new thing, but is is fun, I am growing. We are going.

I never would have guessed that sharing a common career would have been so rewarding!  There are so many times where I take my questions, concerns, joys, and growing edges to Sean to discuss and share.  It is wonderful to be able to share this stuff with him.    At the end of the day, one of our greatest strengths as a married couple is the ministry we share...even if it's counter to all the advice....


  1. You guys are great. Your relationship is great. Such an inspiration. xo


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