Loving homeownership.

Did I ever write in this blog that when someone found out that we bought a house they offered their condolences?  That person also knew what our last year had been like.  (#theirissuesnotmine)  I clearly didn't like the remark, as I am still remembering it.  But people keep on asking us about the house and I am still swoony so I thought I might bring that here.

Reasons I love our house/being a homeowner/and stuff like that!

1. I keep asking Sean, "Why is this house so easy to keep clean?"  I am mystified at how picking up is effective and it stays pretty picked up.  The miracle is closets!!! We have never ever had adequate closets and now that everything really has a spot it is amazingly easy to put things away!  Seriously it is so easy.  I love the closets we have.

2. Our fireplace/woodstove is dreamy.   If I am at risk of cheating on Sean it is with our grey modern looking woodstove.  It keeps me hot all night long- with very little work on my part!

3. Having a designated room for kid crap is great!  Though  they play in all parts of the house it is nice to have a place that is messy in the evening and it doesn't bother me to go to bed anyway. The difference between a designated part of a room and a designated room makes all the difference.

4.  Our outside space is amazing! It is quiet, wooded, dark, a couple of shelters, it's easy easy easy! We freaking love it!  The frogs are croaking these days but in the summer when our windows are open, it is so quiet we can literally here the deer walking around and chewing on things!

5.  We didn't consider it when we bought the place, but being close to Vashon highway is awesome for us. We are able to take the bus to and from work.  This is a time saver and energy saver and is hella convenient.

6.  We don't have stairs.  We don't have stairs!! Yay! We don't have stairs.  I prefer not to have them personally but for my kids It is not just a preference but a desire.  Having everything on one level is so simplifying.  I know that people love their stairs and such. We are not those people!  No hauling laundry up and down stairs. No hauling children up and down stairs. No begging Sean to haul something up and down the stair on my behalf etc.

7. We have never had an out building.  It is an amazing thing to have a workshop, shed, carport etc. Finally a place to put bikes, paint, plants etc. Again, these were not things we needed but it is lovely in our rainy part of the universe to have a place to put stuff that you don't want in the house and you don't want in the rain.


  1. Love this post. I still feel that way after living in my house for two years.

  2. Thanks Cassandra! Being a renter is great. Being a homeowner is too! Glad you are still reading the blog!

  3. Love all the house pics. I love all your bright colors.


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