Ick! Day

 Today was an ick! kind of day.

1. My shoulders, neck and head are all aching.  I didn't get enough sleep this weekend (I am blaming House of Cards for haunting me), and I think that made my whole body funky.

2. It was pouring this morning.  I mean raining cats and dogs kind of wet.  So when I finally arrived to my 9:00am meeting at 9:10am I was damp and done.

3. Then I saw myself in the mirror and realized the pants were all wrong and even though this shirt I love is an awesome print it hangs on me like a tent and i should turn it into a skirt or something.

4. My ankle has been hurting for a couple of weeks and I am sick of it.  It's getting better, I am doing exercises and wearing good shoes and not crossing my legs (which I think is what started it)...but it's lingering and shitty.

5. I made a tart to eat for after dinner. The tart was good. The milk in the custard is making my belly all funky tonight.

6.  Sean and I had a difference of opinion about what to have for dinner.  It wasn't bad- but we never argue about stuff like that.  Perhaps huh? more than Ick!. Any guesses on how much running a space heater in a poorly insulated out building is going to cost us if we run it all the the time? Yeah, we had some grumpy words about that as well.

7. On a good note. The kids were just kids tonight.  Lovely, irritating, silly and cute as ever.

Summary.  Nothing was deeply bad.  In fact, it is all the stuff that washes away with the tide of a new day.  But it's kind of life that days just build upon themselves, one bad thing, a series of self loathing thoughts, and a bit of pain all make for a night where sleep is a dear friend.


  1. Ugh. I hate days like that. We are also hooked on House of Cards... and Lilyhammer. Have you tried that one on Netflix? Feet hurting... I have a bad habit of curling my feet under my chair, hooking them on the legs of the chair. BAD for feet.

    I hope today is a better day. Spring will come soon (I hope!).


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