"I'm Up for Posting..."

This is Sean...

So for many months now Rachel and I have talked about her blog, celebrated it as an outlet for her creativity and honesty that I love so much, and a way to invite our friends and family into the depths and everyday ordinary of our lives and relationship.

Often we spend time in the evening talking about what she has blogged during the day--frequently about themes we've discussed, but sometimes new ideas, too--and I've said "I'm up for blogging..."

Well tonight two things combined:
One, I was with our good friends in Connecticut over the weekend and they asked "how come you haven't ever posted?" I thought about this again--
And two, Rachel, sitting here beside me, said "ok, so you say you are up for it, but you never post!"

So here's a new beginning, especially with our little person on the way--and maybe hearing more from me too in this avenue that has had so much fun and meaningfulness for Rachel!

Watch out.


  1. Hey sean! I'm so excited to hear your voice in this space. All my love!


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