Unloading fear

The waiting game has begun. After a weekend of weddings on different coasts (I presided at a beautiful wedding in Portland- Congrats Liz and Mike and Sean was at a friends wedding in Vermont- Yay Angie and Wilson) we are now just waiting for her arrival.

I am not sure how much anxiety this little person is going to bring into my life. I don't feel that anxious about her now. And though, I am going to take on some new worries, does parenthood overwhelm people with anxiety? Probably some days yes and others no, even some parents yes and others no.

Well Sean and I are both trying to believe and make decisions out of a place of confidence not fear. Not just now but kind of as a family value. So anyway, without going into the details we received a very expensive shower gift that we really didn't want. In fact, the product markets to fear. Sean and are are fundamentally opposed to marketing in this way and really didn't want this gift. We knew it cost about $125. We went to Babies'r'us and tried to return it. Without a receipt we were rejected.

After no hits on our craigslist posting So we decided to try a Babies'r'us in a high end neighborhood. We went, they were more generous but still rejected our attempt at returning it. Until I asked to speak to the manager, "I don't feel agressive," I said, "I just don't want this product in my life is there any way you could help us out."

A good guy, He told us to start a registry so that we are in their system and then we can kind of return whatever we want. We started a registry and returned the silly thing. I might feel bad-except I hate big box stores and I just wanted to unload the silly gift. Besides, wipes, socks, a boppy and eventually a gate for the top of the stairs really are more handy.

And whatever you do don't go on Babies'r'us website and get us any of the crap we registered for. We don't want any of it. We were just being pawns in the game!


  1. Tell me not to, and I will...
    Curiosity got me & I love that you guys need 12 Wii systems.


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