Love in action

Our home was remarkably clean for being in labor for 6 days before we headed to the hospital. But it wasn't spotless. Since my family and Sean's family had all been in Seattle to meet her and be with us they were ready to do SOMETHING. So when we went into the hospital on Sunday morning the troops moved in.

Sean and I arrived back at our home yesterday (Wednesday) to a spotlessly clean house. Not a pile of excess dog hair anywhere! Clean sheets on every bed, clean laundry in every drawer, every shelf dusted, even the yard newly landscaped.

I do not feel invaded even a little bit. I feel so surrounded by the love and support of my family (who sadly is no longer in Seattle). So this is my blog posting to say to thank you for loving me, Sean and Junia so well through the work that you did on Sunday. We are so grateful.


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