We've been living in Seattle for a year. It's time to give a top 10 list of things that make moving worthwhile:

1. My job in Seattle is way better than my job in Worcester.

2. Mild winters- mild summers.

3. Lake Washington- we love to swim in it in the summer and to walk next to it (or even just drive next to it) the rest of the year.

4. Organic, hippy, liberal is the default

5. Coffee! It really is better here folks.

6. Access to the Ocean, Sound, marine life

7. THe natural beauty of the Sound, Lake, Olympics, Cascades, etc.

8. Our house- we wouldn't have moved for a rental house- but we sure do love it.

9. Produce- the fruit and veggies are amazing and so is our farmers market (refer to #4)

10. Living in a city we are trying to make home makes sense when you're newly married and having a baby!


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