I resign myself to Autumn

I've resigned myself to autumn. What really happened was that when I was in Illinois for my grandmother's funeral their was a day that was 90+ degrees then a cool front went through and was 60 degrees and clear.  It sort of put me in the mood for fall...the browning corn stalks rustling in the wind, the crickets. It all felt so autumnal.  And, it felt okay.

In the meantime the students are back and things are fully underway.  So it really must be autumn.  Autumn for me means, sweaters and sweatshirts, putting away shorts and t-shirts, drinking loads and loads of tea, lighting candles in the evening, savoring warm days when they show up, enjoying the rain after months of dry (It doesn't rain in Seattle in the summer), and enjoying soup again.

So even though the trees aren't as vibrant as New England (oh I miss it), and their aren't crickets and cornfields like their are in Illinois, I'll stop resisting.

 What are your autumn rituals?


  1. I always say that I love autumn, but then it comes, and I end up feeling far more ambivalently toward it than I anticipate -- but then, I kind of like ambivalence. So maybe that's the attraction.

    But I think my experience of fall is much better when I am around good people. I really, really love my housemates this year, so I am pretty excited to get to spend time inside, baking, reading, quietly enjoying one another's company. Because I feel gross in summer, fall lets me take much more pleasure in my introversion....


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