Busy Busy

It is that time of year. Chaos becomes reality.

This the is the danger of working in education. This is the only weekend in September I don't have work related events. That sucks. But then I remember that in October we are going to Mexico. That makes me feel better.

Perhaps knowing that is the impetus behind my lack of showering and getting dressed today. I just can't get myself to do it. Though I am plenty motivated to put away laundry, thin out the beet seedings, pick up poop in the back yard and an plethora of other mundane activities that cannot be done in the hectic days of getting student life going.

Delightfully Indian summer is upon us. Sean was noting yesterday that in Seattle June is a wash but September is glorious. I concur.

I'm trying to get some thought together to make a cohesive post. But it just ain't happenin' right now. Give me a day to get some theme.

I'll be back.


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