Upcycled men's shirt ideas?

Many of Sean's work clothes need to head to the grave.  The crease on the collar is frayed, their is some stain, or they just need to die for a series of small but mountingly important reasons.  With his pants, for them mostly it is that the hem of his pants are irreparable without making them laughingly short.

So what then to do with some gorgeous shirt fabric in my sewing imagination?  There are several tutorials to turn a shirt into a girls dress. The problem is 1. that my patience is slim these days for following a detailed tutorial. 2. The dresses would be thin and the weather won't be warm enough for a child wear a dress as thin as a dress shirt until next July, and 3. I already have 2 such shirts stowed away for when Junia is bigger and my patience is thicker.

So here is what I am thinking after some googling.  Perhaps a painting, cooking, doing dishes apron.


There is also this. . .but I don't have any infant girls in my life.  Do I?  Tights would keep it warm enough.

  Too bad Sean and I aren't closer in size.  Their are options for making it woman friendly too.
So be it.


  1. Number 1. That cuff skirt is the most adorable thing ever. Is it really new born size, and not baby doll size? Does Junia have dolls that need clothes?

    Number 2. I remember in elementary school using old donated men's shirts for smocks in art class - not sewed in anyway, just buttoned up, hanging to our knees, with the sleeves rolled up. Is there an elementary school near you that needs a donation? Or maybe Junia's preschool?

  2. ^ we used men's shirts as smocks, too. :)

    My solution to everything is "make a quilt."


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