Nun Habit- we not a post about halloween!

In most of my daily life I don't want to be a monk or a nun.  Sure I have fantasies of living in community having prayer time mandated for me. But all in all that is part of my unrealistic desires. 

But lately there is one part of religious life I have been craving more and more.  The habit.  You know the nun and priest uniform.  Dont' get me wrong, even if I was a religious sister I would not have joined a community that wore a habit ,but I am jonesing for a simplicity of dress.

  • I just don't like having to sort out what to wear every morning. 
  •  I have been through 4 different sizes since J was born so choosing a pair of black pants might mean pulling out two pairs that don't fit very well anymore.
  • I don't like knowing that people are assessing what I wear to work (and I work at a very style conscious place).  When we all know if I wore jeans it would be better.
  • I don't like how I get sick of my clothes and then I want to buy more. This equals a horrible feeling of consumerism and the dread of spending money we don't have.
  • It has also been a pain that my office is always cold.  I have never had a work day where I was comfortable with my temperature. So even if I look nice, it gets covered up by a frumpy fleece. (or I have to wear blazers but skirts and dresses are totally out.
  • Anything that is light in color almost universally has a stain.
  • The reality is that I almost never feel like I look nice. 

I just don't want to have to think about it or decide or anything.  I want to get up in the morning and put on something that is socially acceptable. Or even says, "I'm not buying into your consumerist meaning making based on clothing and outward appearance."

The problem is I am not a nun. I am a lay person. My vocation is to live in society and wrestle, critique, hate, and love it from within not from outside of it. But this week, I just want to wear the same thing. Every. Single. Day.


  1. I get to wear the same thing to work every day, and even my jackets and rain gear matches.

  2. I must say I feel your pain. And it is for sure one thing that makes me happy about not having a job. I can wear the same thing everyday if I want and no one cares. I dread the days when I do have to "dress up" for work.

  3. Rachel I can totally feel your pain, not so much these days since I am staying at home now but I have often been jealous that Will wears a uniform at work (and they even pay for his dry cleaning!). But every Sunday when I need to find something to wear I go through the whole closet before I give in and put something on I dont think I look good in. I will actually be kinda glad when my baby belly starts getting a litte bigger; I had some really cute maternity clothes that I will enjoy wearing again. Right now my old clothes dont fit and neither do my maternity ones!


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