It must be hard being a republican some days.

I might on good days be open to listening to both sides  But to be honest I was born and raised a die hard fox news loving republican and over the course of time have become a fairly die hard Jon Stewart watching democrat.

But  lately, I've been feeling bad for SOME republicans.  Like the compassionate ones.  Like republicans who take seriously their call to be brothers and sisters to their fellow human beings.  Surely you have seen the footage in the republican debate where the crowd cheers over the execution of over 200 prison inmates  Watch here.

Or worse yet, the scenario of a 30 year old in a coma "should society just let him die" and people cheer yes. Ron Paul doesn't think so, but yikes.  Where is the compassion in that?  watch here.

I could go nuts about both of these issues. How plagued with racism and poverty the social justice system is.  I could even sympathize with fiscal conservatives about the terrible expense of putting people to death.  In regards to the 30 year old in a coma.  The reality is that most people don't choose to not buy heath insurance. They can't afford it.  They are choosing between health insurance and other greater needs.

So my republican brothers and sisters. I will do my best not to lump all of you into one uncompassionate non caring lump.  Because, I have to think better of humanity and that we really can care and not count the cost.


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