Sudden travel

After a week on pretty much blogging hiatus, I forsee another such week.  I'm headed home.  My grandmother died on Friday. She was 86 and had severe dimentia. This summer gone into a nursing home and was quite unhappy. To be honest, she has said for years that she feels ready to go.  She went.

More than anything the stress of being on a weekend away with students, sorting out the high price of airline tickets, getting work informed and up to date,  and imagining myself traveling alone with a toddler have all been the sources of frustration.  So tomarrow, before bright but very early Junia and I will head to Chicago and then get on a train for southern illinois. We should arrive after about 13 hours of travel. I am sure I don't have enough toys packed.

Send me patience.


  1. Oh, Rachel, so sorry to hear this. Thought of you today, decided to check the blog, and will be thinking of you and J as you travel, celebrate, and grieve.


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