Canning Tomatoes and Peaches

After a week of no productivity, mind you I pride myself on productivity, we turned our 50lbs of peeled and frozen tomatoes into lots and lots of tomato sauce and several cans of whole tomatoes.  Half of the sauce was a basil balsamic sauce and the other half was sage.  Both herbs were right from the yard so that was handy.

We have 25lbs of peaches peeled and frozen in the freezer for some winter cobblers and crisps but we bought another 25lb box and canned half of that today.  I wanted to just have some peaches to eat right out of the jar when the winter rain gets so old that I start to believe it will never be warm again (next June??)  Last year I only did three jars. Two with cardamom and 1 with clove. The cardamom were amazing and the clove was good for a couple bites- that is until my mouth went numb.

Did you know that clove has a magic natural orajelness to it? Me either.

So this year, I wanted to repeat the goodness and avoid the orajel. So 11 jars filled with peaches infused with simple syrup, cardamom, or cinnamon, or star anise! It makes me dread our winter less.

So that productivity was fun and all. But I'm done.  I think we are going for a swim this afternoon! Yay!

Here's where we get our produce!  Because we haven't gotten too many tomatoes and peaches don't even grow on this side of the mountains.


  1. I didn't manage to get a garden in this year .... maybe next. But we are getting a 1/2 share for the fall season from a local CSA. I am so excited to have fresh produce to play with. Deliveries start in less than 3 weeks!


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