A toddler date

I took Junia to a musical today!

At three years old she has had her first experience of theater. She loved it. It really wasn't until the end that she got restless, but she really did well.  I was prepared for her to spend most of the show on my lap so when she also spent some time in her own seat that was great.   I don't think she followed the story at all.  It was Grease after all. . . so a lot of the themes are a bit complicated anyway.

It was interesting for me to see it.  After all, I haven't seen Grease since High School.  I think, as an adult it is interesting because it picks on teenagers, which drive us all (and each other) crazy and it plays with the idea that love can overlook even the wierdest of things.  I think there is a hopefulness in it, a silliness, and a part of it that we can all relate many of us have in the place of falling in love despite ALL foibles. Some of us have gotten screwed over by that.  Other's have had more luck.

It was fun to take her. I rarely go places that are just Junia and I. So it was great.

  • I did learn that I won't take her to a play (perhaps a children's play)- she was really only paying attention because of the song and dance.
  • I was delighted to be near the exit.  We didn't need to use it but it was my safety net.
  • That's all though. It was smooth and fun!


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