Displaying children's art or cheap bathroom decor

There is absolutely  nothing special about the bathroom in our new house.

If we owned the place we might re-imagine the space a bit. But we don't.
The walls are periwinkle.  The floor is navy blue. The vanity is 1995 big oaky looking thing.
The tub is adequate- but we run out of hot water before it is full :(

in another part of our life, seemingly unrelated to the bathroom, Junia loves painting at school
Every time she comes home from preschool she brings 1 or 2 paintings.
All in all, I find them quite charming.  I like the colors; I like the abstractness, even if it is by ability rather than taste; I like the different shapes.

Now, where to display these paintings is another one. At this rate we are raking in several paintings a week.

And here, is the connect. We are now hanging Junia's fabulous art in the bathroom.  I'm not sure if this is an affirming statement- but she doesn't have as much of the cultural baggage around bathrooms anyway.

And, I love it. It makes our bathroom playful, decorated and changing!


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