I love some men who love men and some women who love women.

This is not a satire.
I cannot believe it.

Jonathon Swift where are you.
Could you make this more funny and less heartbreakingly evil.

The Bishops in Washington are asking churches to put this shit in their bullitens.
It is vile.
Makes my skin crawl.
and promoting evil.

So here is what they would say if they were being honest:

"Dear faithful,

We are afraid. Very very afraid.  Afraid of our own sexuality because many of us have not dealt with our own selves. Our own struggles our own sexuality. So when we hear about same sex unions all we think about is sex and not about love. Then when we think about it we have all sorts of convoluted reactions.  From grossed out to turned on- but both of these reactions scare us.

So we, in our ignorance and fear, cling to what we know. No wait, we hide behind what we know. We hide behind church teaching. We hide behind teaching on sacramental marraige and sexuality that is based on bad science, misunderstandings of human nature and natural law and we hide behind our power.  

It's nothing new. People who are afraid and powerful always hide behind their fears.  And we will do so for a long long time.  We uplift heterosexual marriage not because it is necessarily God's will but because we are not threatend by it.  And because we are choosing to read things in a very particular way.  So long as heterosexual married people do not threaten us we will support them.  Now, when they ask to be recognized as ministers or to be supported as people of equal merit with their authorities or even to use birth control we are not game for that.

All in all, we will do everything in our power to protect our authority.  We will stop lay people from cleaning vessels after communion an we will make sure to use words that confuse and distance you from prayer.  We will send our young men to seminaries where they barely have to ineract with lay people, women, and anyone who is going to be honest with them about themselves, society, and all the needs of the world.

So keep praying for us, if you have the energy.  And though we always pray for ourselves first we will keep invoking the spirit (even if we are too afraid to realize she has answered our call for vocation in th church, namely through lay people) and perhaps faith, hope and love will prevail in the end.

Forgive us for all the ways we have promoted evil, participated in evil, oppressed people and worked against the kingdom of God.

Mea culpa. Mea culpa. Mea culpa.

-The Magisterium."

And because I cannot make that the only link-here is a good one Catholics for Marriage Equality


  1. Among many other thoughts while reading over some of this literature, my first reaction to the "consequences": What class are students taking in MA public schools where they learn about marriage at all? I didn't take that one in OK... home ec? (Which I think is called "family living" now. Which is dumb, to me, because you still need to have a grasp of home economics even if you live alone.)


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