Estate sale

I think we are going to turn a wall in the dining room up to art!
I like yard sales more in theory than in praxis.  Yard sales often end up being a lot of crap.  Sometimes there are deals.  Especially around kids stuff- as kids stuff tends to reproduce like guppies until you want to just flush it all down the john.

But with household things, tools, garden stuff, even furniture I've never had luck.  Seriously walking home the night before trash pick up in Cambridge I had more luck.

But here on Vashon there is a different beast I've never really known before  "The Estate Sale."  I went to one a few weeks back with a friend and bought a seriously awesome lamp.  Sure it's nothing special but it fits my aesthetic.

Today we saw signs for another one and headed over.  We scored a large aluminum yomp container with lid (aka compost), a very cool chime, a tarp for the wood pile, some super strong fridge magnets (free!),  a cutting board, and a little plastic adirondack chair for Junia.

Holding a wedding invitation and a barn dance flyer....
You can see the tarp, chair and chime here!
The cutting board enjoying the afternoon sun.
Oh, and about that chair for Junia.  This morning she chose several toys to donate to Granny's Attic so that other kids could enjoy them.  That meant that she got to choose 1 new toy. So the chair was it.  I think she made a good choice considering how every time we go to the grocery store she sits on one out front!


  1. I LOVE super strong magnets. They are one of life's tiny joys. Also, I really like the new site layout. Looks super spiffy.


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