Barn Dance

Now that was fun.

Crazy. Stinkin' fun.
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Last night we went to a barn dance on the Vashon.
All four of us got gussied up and headed out.
Okay, we didn't really get gussied up but I took a shower first and Junia brought her cowboy hat.

I'll admit I was nervous.
Dancing in front of people, in public with our kids.  Spending $30 and not being sure if we will have fun. Again, I was nervous.

In an old warehouse or a serious of warehouses that is now the "open space for arts and community" we danced into the night and had a blast. (okay into the night isn't quite true it was from about 6:30-9pm but 9 is late on Vashon!)

It was super kid friendly but had an awesome mix of young people and old people and a bunch in the middle.  Their was live music and beer and had no sense of pretension at all.  It was much better than most wedding receptions I've been to because everyone there wanted to dance and listen to music- so even though Sean and I are terrible dancers it didn't matter because so many people were dancing- but then again it wasn't  crowded either!

Junia followed the 8 year old girls around in awe.  It felt like a family gathering where you could watch your kids loosely and where the operated a bit like a gang.

Miriam slept on Sean for much of the night (it was just like dancing with a larger man) and hung out in her seat for awhile.

I was surprised and delighted.
Sadly though I forgot my camera.

Though next fall we hope that you all will join us.


  1. That sounds so fun! I can't wait to see Miriam and Piper and Junia dancing together next year! xo


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