Happy Anniversary

What were you doing 4 years ago?
You might have been recovering from a wedding reception hangover?

I had been married a day.
How the hell did we get 2 kids already?

Well last night I made BBQ pork, roasted some veggies and an almond cake- food we ate at our wedding reception.
Both events were delicious.

Then we went to bed early.
And slept.
Sometimes I am overwhelmed by fear that Sean and I could go back in time and reverse our fortune of finding each other.

 Because, I am so overwhelmingly happy in this life.
Despite broken washing machines.
Sick kids.
and various other fortune and misfortune.
 What a great decision we made.

I hope we get another 50 years.
But whatever comes, I am grateful for what we've been gifted.


  1. There are three weddings I have attended that stand out from the everything-fades-into-one-mass collective "wedding" memory I possess as really helping to teach me part of what commitment and partnership look like on the ground, and yours is absolutely among them. What joy. I love you.

  2. Congrats! Im not sure what I was doing 4 years ago I think it involved Will working on the weekend (like he always does), Me cleaning the house and walking the dog and resting up from a busy week at work. All very boring things. Looking back I really wish I would have cleared my schedule and made it to your wedding.


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