Love. Saints. Souls.

I had a dream last night about my Dad (deceased 8 years).  Perhaps it is particularly appropriate on the night between All Saints Day and All Souls Day...

I was looking for Miriam and couldn't find her;  I don't remember any emotion in the dream being attached to her missing status.  Anyway, I walked around a corner of a building and there was my Dad carrying MIriam around in the ergo. She was facing the wrong way but looked happy as a bean.

It was as if she knew him and they were totally comfortable with one another.  Then he fed her a bit of apple. I freaked out a bit that she was going to choke but he was totally child about it. He just told me to trust him. So I did and they were fine.

It was powerful to see my Dad and to see Miriam together.  I was thinking yesterday how much Miriam feels like my Dad. I don't quite know what that means except her disposition just seems connected to his somehow.  I am also preaching this Sunday and thinking a lot about grief and loss for my homily.

BTW, I just realized that I have no pictures of my Dad on our computer. Got one? Would you email it to me?


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