Tomorrow we travel...

Tomorrow we fly to Georgia.

Sean has a major work thing.  It's no fun.  I am calling it his disseration defense.  It's not quite a dissertation  defense but he has to speak with a committtee and answer a bunch of critical questions that arise from their review of the 300 pages of his work.  Then they decide if he passes or has to go through the committee again after a bunch of revisions and personal work.  Sounds like a disseratation defense huh?!

Then we are hanging on for awhile...seeing Atlanta, Savannah and Charleston.  In some ways we are pretty pumped for a vacation. But since our sleep has been TERRIBLE for the past couple of weeks I can't imagine wanting to do anything but lay around.  I'm sure we will though.

This is our first travel with Miriam since she really started to "awaken" to the world.  So basically it'll be a crappy flight. Even if she is great it's still a LOT of work for parents to deal with a 6 month old.  We will see how it goes maybe she will be so distracted by her runny nose or the teeth cutting through her gums that she will collapse into sleep. If not though, we are packing a whole lot of random chewing toys.

With anxiety high, off we go!
Hopefully I'll have some updates on the road.


  1. OK, I just read your blog post, freaked out because I realized you're coming into town THIS week, then came back to our FB message thread, and realized that I had had the wrong dates down on my calendar!!! I had been mistakenly thinking that you were coming into town next week for Thanksgiving!! Basically, disregard everything I said about my schedule next week and let's talk over the phone to talk about when we can hang out this week!

  2. I'll be thinking of you all traveling, and thinking of Sean in his defense: honestly, that sounds MORE stressful than what my defense will look like.


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