My Daughters are beautiful and so much more.

Wow, so for 8 days we've been in Georgia and South Carolina. I had hoped to blog about our trip but as we boarded the ferry we both realized that we left it right by the front door.  In some ways it was wonderful to be offline for so long, and at moments I wanted to blog, check my email, or just look for directions to places.

So anyway, I am back and not sure where to start...So I guess I am starting with the things that irritated me.  But first...

I love Savannah!
I love Charleston.
I don't want to live in either city.

We have never received so many comments about how beautiful our daughters are.
Is that a southern thing?
I hated it, because so many of the comments were like, "Watch out for when your daughters are teenagers."

What does that mean?
My daughters will be irresistible by men?
Please don't do that to men.  They can control themselves.
or does it mean that being beautiful means that you cannot make good decisions?

And on top of it- why are we scaring parents about adolescence?  I'm not scared of it. Don't make me.

I should also mention that I wouldn't mind if the comments about my daughters' appearance were also accompanied by comments about their silliness, playfulness  perceived intelligence or strength   But no. Just their beauty.

And, yes my daughters are beautiful and so much more!


  1. I LOVE this post. I think that the "just you wait" comments are the worst for parents. I can't count the number of times I've been told things like "you think the terrible twos are bad? Wait until he's a teenager!" For someone who's spent the better part of five years studying educational psychology focused on human development in adolescence and young adulthood, I really want to tell people, "you know, it's sort of my favorite phase. It fascinates me and I've studied it for a long time. I may not know what I face with my son(s) then, but I'm not scared but looking forward to being in a phase I know fairly well in an academic sense!"

    I also wouldn't mind if someone commented on something other than how tall my 3 year old is--why is appearance the only thing people seem to notice?


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