Wedding Showers. Baby Showers. They all suck

I believe that wedding showers and baby showers are a slow form of torture.

Thankfully the woman who was celebrated at the wedding shower I went to this weekend would agree.

Seriously even without the games they are awful. Women who don't know each other gather and have awkward conversation and eat cute food for a  couple of hours and the top it off with watching someone open the gifts that they told you they want by registering.  They are probably better in the South where people know how to do hospitality and even better then if the people are extroverts. And introverted pacific-northwesterner- yikes!

Seriously? This is a crappy way to bring people together and a crappy way to give someone a gift.
It's a sad but nice attempt, and I mean nice in they root of it- dumb. Sad but pretty dumb.

So long as the universe keeps having them I'll probably keep going.  But what if I just revolted and never went to them? What if I sent Sean to half of them?  This time I took the three year old because she was invited too. She picked out a little present, filled out a card; she enjoyed the finger food and the cake; she loved sharing her present.  But then I feel bad, "oh no, I've introduced her to this form of torture."

Anyway, Congrats Tad and Michelle! Love to you both. Even if you put me in the invite list for your wedding shower.  I'm still happy for you!


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