Before and After- or rather- before and now.

We are so so so so in the middle of unpacking, adding flooring, putting in trim (okay let's be honest we haven't put in a baseboard yet!) and in general moving in!  It's a bit nutty around here but what else can we do.  But EVERYONE loves a little before and after serious of photos- so here is what is going on in our home.

But here are our before and after photos so far....

Living Room:



What we did:
Paint/prime walls
Put in new flooring
Paint the brick
Change the light fixture in dining room
Paint the windowseat
Take down the shades in the windowseat

Still to do:
Recover windowseat pad
Add trim
Touch up the brick paint
paint closet doors and trim
Hang any sort of art or decor

Living room from the doorway of the kitchen before:

Living room now/after:

This area was staged as the dining room. We are using it as the playroom/family room. We call it "kidlandia"


What we did:
Remove the terrible light fixture and replace with ikea one
Put down new floors
Paint windowsill
Get a nice cozy rug
Paint bookshelf that was in the house and put our books/kid books on it

To do:
Add trim
Touch up windowsill
Hang/find art of some kind

This next shot is literally a turn around the camera 180 degrees and take the next picture:


You might be noticing a theme of ugly light fixtures.
Look into this one and you can see we need to swap out the weird ropey one in the kitchen.
What we have done in the dining area:
Added flooring
Added an awesome new light fixture (thanks Ikea!)

Our bedrooms and kitchen have a fair amount of work. In general we haven't hung up any decorations yet and aren't eager to get t it. The guestroom is a trainwreck with tools, pictures, sewing stuff, and random stuff strewn about.

Our bedroom is constantly loaded with clothes- clean? Dirty? You know the gist. We haven't established a laundry pattern in this house yet.   And the bathroom- carpeted- is a hot mess.  So much to be done. So so much.


  1. Is it the angle, or is the front door REALLY wide? (former wheelchair, perhaps?) Yes, there's lots to do, but look at how much you've ALREADY done! Kudos... keep at it... see you soon!

  2. Your house looks so much WARMER with all the changes! I love it so, so much.

  3. Looks fantastic!!! I love the colors and the fireplace is indeed way better looking now.


  4. Woo, colors! Nice work, we can't wait to visit.


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