Getting ready for something big!

There are frozen meals and casseroles in our freezer.
The childcare plans have all been arranged.
My bags are getting packed.

No I am not preparing for the birth of a child.  I'm going on a cruise next week.  Read the subject of that sentence again: "I"

Yes. I am going on a cruise without my spouse or children. My Mom and my Sister are going to have a blast.  Of the novels I got from the library to read on the cruise. I have already finished 1.  Not bad for 3 days (mostly that means I'm not sleeping very well).

We are headed to Alaska next week and it should be a lot of fun. Glaciers, mountians, bears, women time, reading time, talking time, quiet time, gazing time.  I am finding myself quite excited about it.  I am going to miss Sean and the girls like nuts, I know I am! It will be hard to be away from it all, away from moment to moment cell phone connections.

So that's the news.
I obviously won't be blogging next week, I'm not going to spend my $ on things like internet!
But when I'm back I'll be sure to share some pictures!


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